Pic Caitlin Worthington

​Pic Vanessa Stasiw


"Dreams are more common that supermarkets, but they do less business."

A new commission for 2013 Awesome International Festival for Bright Young Things, this participatory installation subverts retail culture, turning a supermarket into a library of dreams. Dreamstore premiered during the festival in October 2013.

"It is an insight into that world where dreams are earnest and fantastical." Laetitia WIlson - The West Australian


Taking the form of a language class gone wrong, this work created and performed by James for an audience of 24 is a 60-minute sink-or-swim journey of adaptation and resilience in a totally English free, pre-digital classroom experience.  Directed by Nikki Heywood. Life is a crash course, workshop it! Crash Course was great fun, it was immensely thought provoking, and, above all, it was very, very kweiloo. (good)  
David Zampatti  The West Australian

James Berlyn


Are you an Edith Piaf person, a KD Lang kid or music theatre maniac? In 15 minutes you and your drag mirror – Berlyn- build your look together, mime your song together and he takes a polaroid photo of you mid belt, screech or yodel, in all your temporary drag finery (Lips, eyes, lashes, wig and props). Being a silent photo booth you and Monsieur B listen to the soundtrack via headphones. All wigs, make up and props are supplied by him from his side of the “dressing table”.  “…this work is fabulous. James is a brilliant and charming 6ft5″ ballet dancer, drag artist and one-on-one specialist, and this gig is very lovely. It is basically a short masterclass in drag.” Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director, Perth International Arts Festival

"…mysteriously joyous." Alison Croggan ABC Arts Online